9mobile PhotographyCompetition for Young Nigerians, 2017

As nurturers of skill, the 9mobile photography competition was established as a platform to engage and empower fledgling professional photographers utilizing the power of digital media; online, social and mobile. Each year, a style is produced and submissions are gotten within a specific duration. From the swimming pool of entries gotten, the images will be authorized by internal customers based upon the entry requirements and handed down to the Judging panel for evaluation to come up with a list of top 100 images and after that opened to the general public for ballot to come up with the citizens option.

The judges will likewise pick the leading 3 images from the top100 The image with the greatest variety of votes becomes the winner for citizen’s option. And the judges create the shortlist and winner for the competition. Winners from the judges and public ballot are rewarded with rewards. Images of the finalists are showcased throughout a winner’s statement.


This year’s style is tagged CapturingSolid Memories in 9ja.

Photography has actually entered into our culture when it pertains to producing long lasting memories, and with the technological developments, the art of catching images keep altering and growing. A great deal of imagination has actually entered into the art of modern photography inNigeria The varied nature of Nigeria supplies numerous type of significant structures.


Charge the shutter, change the lens to unmask the strong memories and truth evidenced in 9ja. Through this classification “Architectural Buildings”, we wish to imagine and unfold the act of photography in catching sights of historic structures, landmarks, churches, bridges in Nigeria.

ArchitecturalBuildings — Explore and capture sights of historic structures, popular landmarks, bridges, city horizons and old churches. It is anticipated you remain innovative in your environments.


The evaluating panel is consisted of chosen members from the photography neighborhood along with other innovative people.

The authorized images based upon the entry requirements will be evaluated by the jury to produce a long list of 100 and shortlist of the leading 3 images. The leading 3 finalists will be revealed and granted rewards by the jury at a Winner Announcement occasion.


the evaluating panel is consisted of chosen members from the photography neighborhood along with other innovative people.

August 7th– September 11 th.
September13 th– September 20 th.
VotingOpens for Voters Choice (Top100).
September22 nd– September 29 th.
VotersChoice WinnerAnnounced
October 2nd.
Shortlist– Top 3.
October 3rd.
October 6th.


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