Fusion Art “Skies” International Art/Photo Competition, 2017

Fusion Art invites submissions for its  Skies  on line art exhibition for the month of September 2017.    

(Decision)For this contest, artists are encouraged to submit their very best photography and art depicting the skies. The skies is all about that lies over the surface of this Earth, for example, air and outer space. The motif comprises any depiction of the heavens, such as clouds, rainbows, aurorae, lightning, precipitation and storms, stars, planets, the moon, celestial events, the nighttime sky, the afternoon sky, dusk, and dawn — just so long as the skies would be the most important focus.

The art can vary from realism to surrealism to abstraction and all musicians and musicians over the time of 18, irrespective of place or expertise, are invited to submit their finest emblematic and non-representational work.

All contests comprise awards in two groups — “Traditional” Art and ” Photography and Digital” Art along with also the Best in Show winners in each group will be encouraged to take part in the 2nd yearly group show in Palm Springs in November 2017.

Dates and Deadlines

  • Call to get Artists Announced: July 12, 2017
  • Deadline for Entries:  August 27, 2017
  • Opening of Online Exhibition:  September 1, 2017
  • Online Exhibition Closed & Archived:  September 30, 2017 (stays on site beneath “Archived Exhibitions”)

Entry Fees

  • A non refundable entrance fee of $25 is needed for up to two images.
  • Additional pictures could be filed for a non refundable fee of $10 each.
  • No greater than a total of 5 pictures (two for $25, and 3 to $10/ea.) Will be accepted at any 1 submission.   An celebrity can enter more than once.
  • Payment is needed at the time of entrance.
  • Please notice we have brand new, simplified, picture tagging recommendations:  NEW IMAGE LABELING:  Image ought to be tagged as Title_FirstName_LastName. jpeg. Example: Untitled_John_Smith. jpg.

Acceptable Mediums and Sizes

  • “Traditional” is available to the next 2D mediums:  painting, drawing, pastels, inks, pen, encaustic, and mixed media.
  • “Photography & Digital” is available to the following mediums: analogue photography, digital photography, digital photograph art, digital painting, digital manipulations, digital picture, picture painting, vector drawing, electronic mixed media (incorporated artwork).
  • Size limit for art is 48″ x 60″ x 3″ (Other dimensions will be considered upon petition).
  • 3-dimensional artwork isn’t a suitable medium inside this competition.


  • Cash awards are given to the best three (3) winners in each class)
  • The Best in Show winner in every category are the “Featured Artists” to the web site for the duration of this display. Winners will get extensive online marketing and marketing. They may also get an invitation to take part in Fusion Art’s 2nd yearly group show in Palm Springs, CA in November 2017, that will comprise the Best in Show champions in the preceding 12 weeks of online exhibits.
  • Depending about the quantity and caliber of all submissions received, Honorable Mention or Special Recognition awards may also be given.
  • Winning musicians will be given a digital award certification, event statement and copy of the media release to their artwork portfolio.
  • A movie of this group exhibition will be generated and available on the display web page also Fusion Art’s YouTube channel)
  • The artists will be encouraged on the site, in internet press releases to over 200+ outlets, in online event calendars, art news sites and throughout the gallery’s social networking outlets.
  • Links into the artist’s website will be recorded on the display page and should lead to increased visitors into the artist’s site.
  • Fusion Art’s goal is to promote the artists, globally, to art professionals, gallerists, collectors, and buyers.

Fusion Art uses the Submittable platform for, process and prosecution all contest entries.

Submittable is an global platform that’s utilized for administrative processing by more than*************************) businesses which focus on photography, art, publishing, audio, film-making, grants and education. It provides performers with a free, secure and easy-to-use platform to use to a vast array of national (and global) juried art displays 24 hours every day. There isn’t a expense for the artist to enroll on the website and all payments processed via Submittable are protected. Submittable accepts both credit cards and PayPal.

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