Kharazmi University Scholarships for International Students in Iran, 2018

Applications are welcomed for Kharazmi UniversityScholarships These scholarships offer the monetary grant to the picked variety of academically qualified foreign students to minimize their scholastic costs.

KharazmiUniversity is a significant organization of college, using a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a range of disciplines. Kharazmi University is thought about as the earliest organization of college in Iran.

IfEnglish is not your mother tongue then you will have to reveal that your English language abilities are at a high adequate level to prosper in your research studies.


  • ApplicationDeadline: Open
  • CourseLevel: Scholarships are readily available for pursuing Bachelor’s Degree, MSc and Ph D program.
  • StudySubject: Scholarships are granted in the fields of liberal arts, engineering, standard sciences and art.
  • ScholarshipAward:
    ScholarshipType 1 (ISP1):
    This kind of scholarship, referred to as the KHU scholarship, consists of exemptions from paying expenses of education and getting scholarships in the very first instructional year for students using for postgraduate and Ph D degrees.
    SecondType of Scholarship (ISP2): This scholarship consists of a decrease of the scholastic costs of foreign students in the very first term; it implies that the foreign trainee by getting this scholarship, the tuition costs will be reduced by 100% in the very first term (with the exception of the costs of the Persian language course and the dorm room).
  • ThirdType of Scholarship (ISP3): This scholarship consists of the decrease of the tuition charge for the very first year of foreign students by 80 %.
  • ScholarshipType IV (ISP4): It minimizes the tuition costs of above pointed out foreign students for 70 percent in the very first year, and if their clinical examination or research study efficiency is appropriate (at graduate level) throughout the very first year of research study at Kharazmi University, their scholarship can be extended by approval of the Scholarships Council of KHU International Cooperation Division.
  • FifthType of Scholarship (ISP5): The foreign students will have a decrease of their tuition charge to 60% in the very first year of research study.
  • Nationality: Scholarships are open to international students.
  • Number of Scholarships: Not Known
  • Scholarship can be taken in Iran

Eligibilityfor the Scholarship:

  • EligibleCountries: Scholarships are open to international students.
  • EntranceRequirements:
  • EnglishLanguage Requirements: If English is not your mother tongue then you will have to reveal that your English language abilities are at a high adequate level to prosper in your research studies.


DocumentsRequired for the Recruitment of Foreign Students

  • The candidate’s CV in Farsi/ Persian or English (discussing the e-mail address and phone number of the candidate is required.)
  • Theapplication kind must be typed and needed discipline and degree level in addition to the regard to research study must be pointed out.
  • Refer to the admission menu for foreign students on the KHU site

And submitting the application kind of foreign trainee administration at Kharazmi University (inPersian/ Farsi or English) and sending it together with other required files

  • An image that is plainly scanned,
  • For admission toPh D., Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees: Scanning the following files with the marks lists is needed as follows:
    Master’s and Bachelor degrees. (ForPh. D. Applicants)
    Bachelor’s degree. (ForApplicants of the Master’s Degree)
    (For candidates of undergraduate courses)
    Evidence of appropriate Persian language efficiency, if readily available (for students studying in Persian language).
    Evidence of appropriate English language efficiency, if readily available. (For students studying in English).

How to Apply:

Applicants should get and finish the scholarship application kind (ISP5) from the English site of Kharazmi University under APPLY TO KHU (FORMS) menu and send it with other supporting files at the KHU e-mail.


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