Life Asapa International undergraduate financial aid in Denmark

Life Asapa Foundation is now using Lifeasapa International UndergraduateScholarships for impressive trainees for the scholastic year 2021/2022

The bursary will help trainees who wish to pursue the university’s technical undergraduate programs in Denmark.


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Apply for thisapplication
program and get financial support in Denmark.

Life ASAPA international company, developed in 2013, strongly sustained its position and discovered itself in the field of worldwide science over the prolonged duration of our work.

Why should you look for this program? The program’s objective is mainly to boost individuals’s quality of living by enhancing resources, restructuring production, enhancing service shipment efficiency, and all this throughout the intro and continuous improvement of self-learning management practices.

ApplicationDeadline: December31, 2021


  • University or Organization: Life ASAPA international company
  • Department: N/A
  • CourseLevel: Undergraduate
  • Award: tuition charge and regular monthly scholarship
  • Number of Award s: N/A
  • AccessMode: Online
  • Nationality: International
  • The award can be taken inDenmark


  • EligibleCountries: All citizenships other than the USA and Canada
  • EligibleCourse or Subjects: The grant will be granted for the technical undergraduate degree in Denmark.
  • EligibilityCriteria: To be qualified for the grant, the candidates need to need to follow the following offered requirements:
  • are not people of the USA and Canada and are not irreversible homeowners of these nations;-LRB- *******).
  • got a deal to study at one of the undergraduate programs of the chosen university;-LRB- *******).
  • have actually not formerly studied at greater universities;-LRB- *******).
  • finished from school with exceptional grades, for instance:
  • 4 A marks in GCE A Levels
  • overall rating of 98% in an authorized Foundation program
  • 44 mark in an International Baccalaureate (IB) program

How to Apply

  • How to Apply: In order to look for the grant, candidates need to send their [email protected]in pdf format.
  • SupportingDocuments: Candidates need to send a copy of the following needed files together with the application, i.e.,
  • CV ;-LRB- *******).
  • 3 recommendation letters;-LRB- *******).
  • inspiration letter (as much as 1000 words);-LRB- *******).
  • evidence of excellent English efficiency, which need to be composed by a native speaker who recognizes with you;-LRB- *******).
  • an extract with grades and a bachelor’s degree or its comparable;-LRB- *******).
  • GRE, TOEFL or IELTS outcomes.
  • AdmissionRequirements: Scholars holding a deal letter for their degree with special curricular requirements and need to fulfill the requirements of eligibility.
  • LanguageRequirement: English is the favored language, so candidates require to reveal excellent English language abilities through numerous examinations like GRE, TOEFL or IELTS, and so on


The advantages of the Lifeasapa International Undergraduate award is that it is supplying 3 kinds of scholarships, i.e.,

  • $ 10.000 to spend for tuition in the very first year of a bachelor degree course and a regular monthly award in the quantity of $ 2000;-LRB- *******).
  • 50% payment for a three-year bachelor degree course
  • 100% payment of a bachelor degree course for the whole duration.

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