Two PhD Positions on Eco-morphodynamics and Storm Surge Forecasting at University of Florida, USA Scholarship Positions 2017 2018

Applications are encouraging from two PhD pupils at University of Florida (UF), Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering (ESSIE). Anyone with interests in coastal, estuarine, riverine hydrodynamics and/or eco-morphodynamics is supported to apply.

Course Level: Scholarship can be obtained to pursue a PhD degree programme in the USA

Study Subject: Two PhD Positions, on modelling of eco-morphodynamics and on storm surge forecasting, at University of Florida

Scholarship could be chosen in the USA

Students using a strong curiosity about computer modeling (although field work could be a complementary action).
Particularly interested in applicants using a powerful foundation in the physics regulating procedures in shallow water environments, and/or with powerful mathematical/numerical abilities.
One of the two places will primarily concentrate on enhancing storm surge predictions, and a great encounter with numerical models (e.g. Delft3D), with data assimilation tools (e.g. OpenDA) and/or with working forecasting and warning system (such as FEWS) is highly desired.
The other place will primarily concentrate on numerical modeling of eco-morphodynamics, and a great experience with running a morphodynamic version (e.g. Delft3D) is exceptionally desirable.

How To Apply: Applicants should send their CV to [email protected], pinning down if they’re applying for the storm surge forecasting place, for the eco-morphodynamic place, or both.

Application Deadlines: The backing for the two places come from distinct sources, and they’ve different deadlines, but the research subjects are free to be picked. Therefore, the fitting of applicants with research subjects and financed places will soon be determined established on the programs I’ll receive.
One place (either of the two mentioned above) will begin in August 2017, with deadlines April 20th to get a non-US applicant and May 20th to get a US applicant. If no appropriate applicant is likely to be found by the deadline, the place will begin in January 2018, with deadline August 20th to get a non-US applicant and November 1st to get a US applicant.
The other place begins in August 2017, and the deadline is quite close, i.e. April 7h, 2017. If no appropriate applicant will be found by the latter date, the place will begin in August 2018, with the deadline of November 20, 2017.

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