34 Got Energy Talent Research Fellowships for International Students in Spain, 2018

-For the year 2018 Got Energy Talent is opening its very first call for fellowships for students of all citizenships. An overall of 34 fellowships will be offered under GET over 2 calls for fellowships, prepared for July 2018 and spring 2019.

GET is an enthusiastic program that intends not just to make it possible for scientists to perform their own outstanding research task. It likewise means to bring research closer to society and produce a favorable result, not just in regards to outstanding science and talent destination however likewise by enhancing the local economy and promoting international networking.

TheUniversity of Alcal á and the University Rey Juan Carlos reveal the launch of Got Energy Talent Fellowship Programme and the launch of GET’s site.


  • ApplicationsDeadline: October 1, 2018
  • CourseLevel: Scholarship is offered to pursue research.
  • StudySubject: Scholarship is granted to study any of the topics provided.
  • ScholarshipAward: The quantity of the grant of fellows will include the following classifications:

Cost Categories
Monthly quantity

Living allowance.

Mobility allowance.

Travel allowance.


Family allowance **.

Total with household allowance **

**Depending on the household circumstance of the fellow.

* IMPORTANT: These amounts represent the overall quantity prior to both company contributions (financial rights and social expenses) and worker contributions (financial commitments and social security and other taxes).

  • The classification “living allowance” supplies a living allowance for the fellow.
  • The“mobility allowance” is a contribution to cover the expenditures created by the moving of the fellow (moving expenditures, household expenditures associated with the moving, language courses, and so on).
  • The function of the “travel allowance” is to add to the fellow’s travel expenditures from the location of origin to the host organisation.
  • The“family allowance” is an assistance for those fellows who have household responsibilities. Within H2020, household is specified as individuals connected to the scientist by 1) marital relationship or 2) a relationship with comparable status to a marital relationship acknowledged by the legislation of the nation where this relationship was formalized or 3) reliant kids who are in fact being kept by the scientist. There is no commitment for the household to take a trip with the hired scientist. Kindly keep in mind that household status of a scientist will be figured out at the due date of the call and will not be modified afterwards. The household allowance will be paid in month-to-month instalments as part of their month-to-month income. *No evidence will be asked for at this action. However, effective candidates will need to supply evidence of the household circumstance that offers right to the household allowance.
    • Nationality: Thisscholarship is offered to students of all citizenships.
    • Number of Scholarships: GOT ENERGY TALENT will use 34 fellowships for skilled scientists to establish a 24- month stay through 2 open calls at international level (17 fellowships per call).
    • Scholarship can be taken in Spain

    Eligibilityfor the Scholarship:

    EligibleCountries: GET fellowships are open to candidates of any citizenship.

    EntranceRequirements: Applicants need to satisfy the following requirements:

    Applicants of all citizenships are qualified to use however need to not have lived or performed their primary activity in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years instantly prior to the recruitment date. Applicants needs to likewise be in ownership of a PhD or 4 years comparable research experience.

    GET Fellowship candidates need to satisfy the following requirements:

    Nationality: GET fellowships are open to candidates of any citizenship.

    ExperiencedResearchers: candidates need to be skilled scientists as specified by MSCA guidelines, i.e. candidates need to be in ownership of a postgraduate degree or have at least 4 years of full-time comparable research experience by the date of the call due date. Full- time comparable research experience is determined from the date when a scientist acquired the degree which would officially entitled him/her to start a doctorate, either in the nation in which the degree was acquired or in the nation in which the scientist is hired, regardless of whether a doctorate is or was ever imagined.

    MobilityRule: the movement guideline of Marie Sk? odowska-Curie program uses, i.e. candidates need to not have actually lived, or performed their primary activity (work, research studies, and so on), in Spain for over 12 months in the 3 years prior to the call due date. In this regard, required nationwide service, brief stays such as vacations and time invested as part of a treatment for getting refugee status under the Geneva Convention are not taken into consideration. Applications can be made by Spanish scientists who have actually invested no greater than 12 months in the previous 3 years working in Spain.

    In addition to this:

    • Applicants can not be long-term workers of UAH or URJC, or any of the organisations taking part in the program (host organizations or partner organisations).
    • Applicants needs to have a proficient understanding of English.
    • Applicants needs to send the total application bundle by the defined due date. Incomplete or late applications will not be thought about.

    EnglishLanguage Requirements: Applicants whose mother tongue is not English are normally needed to supply proof of efficiency in English at the greater level needed by the University.


    How to Apply: All applications need to be sent by means of GET online system. Applications sent by other methods or which do not utilize the defined files will not be accepted. Applications needs to be sent by means of the online application system. You will discover the buttom on the ideal side of this page. In order to send an application, all candidates have to sign up in the system. Once signed up, candidates can submit and send their propositions. Please understand that as soon as you continue the send button, you will not have the ability to alter yourapplication That will be thought about the research proposition to be assessed. The online application system will be active from the day the call opens and up until its closure.



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