Executive MBA Project– Startup Competition at IMD Business School in Switzerland, 2018

TheIMD Business School has actually developed an Executive MBA Project– StartupCompetition This competition offers a distinct chance for you to obtain the aid and insights of individuals in IMD’s MBA and Executive MBA programs.

IMD is a top-ranked business school, professional in establishing leaders, changing companies and producing instant and long-lasting favorable effect.

Benefit from the complimentary experience of our MBA & EMBA individuals

Could your startup gain from extremely skilled, knowledgeable and determined people who have been thoroughly evaluated to take part in 2 of the most selective and strenuous business programs in the world?

Many endeavors have actually gotten worth from dealing with our MBAs and EMBAs. In the most current Swiss Top 100 report, IMD- supported start-ups caught 31 of the top 100 locations, consisting of the very first 6 from the top10 Do you wish to be in that group next year?

Seize your opportunity now! This deal is open to all Swiss- based start-ups and runs in cooperation with the Swiss federal government’s Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), VentureKick, MassChallenge Switzerland and investiere.

ExecutiveMBA project chance

  • Up to 10 start-ups will be opted to deal with 2 Executive MBA classes
  • Split into little groups each dealing with a devoted startup, our EMBAs assist examine and challenge your business strategies and business techniques
  • Their supreme objective is to make a pitch in your place (with among your agents) to investor and angels in Silicon Valley in September

MBA project chance

  • Up to 15 start-ups will get the assistance of our MBA class
  • Split into little groups each dealing with a devoted startup, our MBAs put in approximately 6-8 hours on this project weekly, for an overall assistance of at least 500-600 work-hours

What kind of start-ups are we trying to find?

We are trying to find early-stage business that have a strong opportunity of market success, have a group that wonders and happy to open themselves as much as a little group of management “students”, are happy to participate in both tactical and business design conversations, and can supply an excellent knowing chance for our individuals with timing that lines up with the IMD programs.

Startup competition: essential turning points and due dates.

  • November12, 2017: Submission due date
  • December 3, 2017: Formal notice to all picked start-ups
  • December10, 2017: Deadline for the picked start-ups to accept or decrease the IMD deal

ExecutiveMBA startup project timing.

  • June12, 2018: EMBA-selected business meet EMBA class at IMD in Lausanne and begin cooperation
  • September 9-14, 2018: Cohort 1 of EMBA groups take a trip to Silicon Valley with one agent from each startup
  • September16-21, 2018: Cohort 2 of EMBA groups take a trip to Silicon Valley with one agent from each startup

MBA startup project timing.

    • January24, 2018: MBA- picked business meet their MBA groups at IMD in Lausanne
    • January27, 2018: In- business initial gos to for MBA individuals (any place possible or preferable)
    • January24– May 15, 2018: MBA- picked business work together with their MBA groups


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