Humanitarian Scholarships for International Students, 2017 Scholarship Positions 2017 2018

The University of Glasgow is delighted to offer Humanitarian Scholarships for International pupils. Scholarships are open to prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University of Glasgow using for entrance in 2017.

A postgraduate degree can offer pupils using a platform for additional research or empower them to acquire high level abilities and advanced knowledge to help their livelihood.

The University of Glasgow is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world plus one of Scotland’s four early universities.

If English isn’t pupil’s first language, they’ll have to give a language test before they can begin their studies.

Course Level: Scholarships can be found to undergraduate students.

Study Subject: Scholarships are given in subsequent fields of study:

  • Accountancy & Finance (ug)
  • Accounting & Mathematics (ug)
  • Accounting & Statistics (ug)
  • Aeronautical Engineering (ug)
  • Aeronautical Engineering (in partnership with SIT) (ug)
  • Aerospace Systems (ug)
  • Aerospace Systems (in partnership with SIT) (ug)
  • Anatomy (ug)
  • Archaeology (ug)
  • Astronomy (ug)
  • Biochemistry (ug)
  • Biomedical Engineering (ug)
  • Business & Management (ug)
  • Business Economics (ug)
  • Celtic Civilisation (ug)
  • Celtic Studies (ug)
  • Central & East European Studies (ug)
  • Chemical Physics (ug)
  • Chemistry (ug)
  • Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry (ug)
  • Childhood Practice (ug)
  • Civil Engineering (ug)
  • Civil Engineering ( Together offered with SIT) (ug)
  • Civil Engineering with Architecture (ug)
  • Classics (Classical Civilisation) (ug)
  • Community Development (ug)
  • Comparative Literature (ug)
  • Computing Science (ug)
  • Computing Science (in partnership with SIT) (ug)
  • Dentistry (ug)
  • Digital Media & Information Studies (ug)
  • Earth Science (ug)
  • Economic & Social History (ug)
  • Economics (ug)
  • Education with Teaching Qualification (Primary) (ug)
  • Electronic & Software Engineering (ug)
  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering (ug)
  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering (in partnership with UESTC) (ug)
  • Electronics with Music (ug)
  • English Language (ug)
  • English Literature (ug)
  • Environmental Science & Sustainability (Dumfries Campus) (ug)
  • Film & Television Studies (ug)
  • Finance & Mathematics (ug)
  • Finance & Statistics (ug)
  • French (ug)
  • Gaelic (ug)
  • Genetics (ug)
  • Geography (ug)
  • German (ug)
  • Greek (ug)
  • Health & Social Policy (Dumfries Campus) (ug)
  • History (ug)
  • History of Art (ug)
  • Human Biology (ug)
  • Human Biology & Nutrition (ug)
  • Immunology ( ug)
  • Italian (ug)
  • Latin (ug)
  • Law (ug)
  • Law (graduate entry) (ug)
  • Marine & Freshwater Biology (ug)
  • Mathematics (ug)
  • Mechanical Design Engineering (ug)
  • Mechanical Design Engineering (in partnership with SIT) (ug)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ug)
  • Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics (ug)
  • Mechatronics (ug)
  • Mechatronics ( in partnership with SIT) (ug)
  • Medicine (ug)
  • Microbiology (ug)
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology (ug)
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology (with Biotechnology) (ug)
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology (with Plant Science) (ug)
  • Music BMus (ug)
  • Music MA (ug)
  • Neuroscience (ug)
  • Nursing (ug)
  • Parasitology ( ug)
  • Pharmacology (ug)
  • Philosophy (ug)
  • Physics / Theoretical Physics (ug)
  • Physics with Astrophysics (ug)
  • Physiology (ug)
  • Physiology & Sports Science (ug)
  • Physiology, Sports Science & Nutrition (ug)
  • Politics (ug)
  • Portuguese (ug)
  • Primary Education with Teaching Qualification (Dumfries Campus) (ug)
  • Product Design Engineering (ug)
  • Psychology (ug)
  • Religious & Philosophical Education (ug)
  • Russian (ug)
  • Scottish History (ug)
  • Scottish Literature (ug)
  • Singapore programmes (ug)
  • Social & Public Policy (ug)
  • Sociology (ug)
  • Software Engineering (ug)
  • Spanish (ug)
  • Statistics (ug)
  • Technological Education (ug)
  • Theatre Studies (ug)
  • Theology & Religious Studies (ug)
  • Veterinary Biosciences (ug)
  • Veterinary Medicine & Surgery (ug)
  • Virology (ug)
  • Zoology (ug)

Scholarship Award: The Scholarship supplies:
• Full tuition fee waiver for the duration of study
• £5,000 per year stipend
• Accommodation costs for the duration of the study.

Number of Scholarships: Two scholarships will be given.

Scholarship can be taken in the UK

Eligibility: To be eligible applicants must

  • Hold a conditional or unconditional offer for study in the University of Glasgow for 2017-2018; and
  • Have submitted, or are the dependent of an individual who has submitted, an application to the Home Office for acknowledgement as a Refugee under the 1951 UN Convention on the Status of Refugees (hereafter “The Convention”) and not yet received a determination from your Home Office on that program; or
  • Have been offered leave to stay in the UK on the reasons of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights or under Paragraphs 276ADE – 276DH of the UK Immigration Rules, provided the pupil hasn’t become eligible for Student Support from the related pupil funding body in Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Nationality: International pupils qualify to use for these scholarships.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must hold a conditional or unconditional offer for study in the University of Glasgow for 2017-2018.

English Language Requirement: If English isn’t the first language, students will soon have to give a language test before they can begin their studies.

How to Apply: Fill in and return the Application form to (right click and save to your own desktop computer)

Application Form

Application Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is April 30, 2017.

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