MontPhotoInternational Nature Photography Contest, 2018

Welcome to the international contest of Nature Photography MontPhoto2018, opened to beginners and experts from all around the world and arranged by the MontPhotoAssociation.

Since1997, their objective is to acknowledge the worth, to promote and to transmit the art of photography and to add to the ecological defense.

The contest rewards the quality in the pictures. We wish to see innovating and motivating images. We try to find unidentified locations, brand-new visions of the living beings, unexpected habits or reinterpretations of all that is currently understood. Your sight records the variety, the charm, the secret and the fragility of life on our world.

MontPhoto intends to motivate regard and take care of Nature; this is the reason photos provided to the contest should show fidelity to the natural circumstances, appreciating the creativity of the surroundings, the preservation of the living beings in their environment, preventing their suffering and the perturbation or the disturbances in their habits.







Each author can take part with an optimum of 25 pictures that can be dispersed throughout the various contest classifications.

From the 109 chosen pictures by the jury will be provided money awards with a worth of more than 23.000 EUR, dispersed as follows:

· WWF Grant: 6000 EUR and exhibit production ( see grant guidelines).
· MontPhoto2018 Honour Award: 2.000 EUR and diploma.
· The winner of each classification: 300 EUR and diploma.
· Popular vote in each classification: Diploma
· EightHighly Commended awards by classification: Diploma

· SpecialAward Girona’s area: 300 EUR and diploma.
· SpecialAward Lloret de Mar: 300 EUR and diploma.

· 6 Awards in the young classification (till 14 years of ages): One photographic experience with Photo Logistics.
· 6 Awards in the young classification (15-17 years of ages): One photographic experience with Photo Logistics.

· 2 awards provided to the very best pictures of its members to all contest classifications.

All finalists will get a copy of the book Inspired by Nature 2018, an invite to the Gala Awards event, preferential access to all MontPhotoFestival activities, and one night of lodging in Lloret de Mar for presence at the awards event.

The involvement cost expenses 20 EUR, other than for those under the age of 18 for whom the involvement is complimentary. The method of payment is through PayPal or charge card, following the directions showed on the site.

ClosingDate: April30, 2018:
You can enter your images to the competitors through the site: till the contest closing date, next April 30, 2018, at 23.59 hours (CET).

The involvement is solely online. We just accept photos taken by digital video cameras ( raw file compulsory).

To take part, you will require a legitimate e-mail address and a PayPal account or a charge card.

The contest organizers will call you from among the following e-mail address: info-at-montphoto. com. Please, include it in your e-mail program to prevent obstructed interactions by the security and anti-spam systems.

The guidelines have actually been elaborated under the guidance and the partnership of AEFONA and the Catalan Nature Photographers’ Society (SocietatCatalana de Fot ògrafs de Natura– SCFN), likewise thinking about the ideas of the IFWP, the CEF and the FCF.

A1-Mountain: Photographs which plainly show high-laying mountain surroundings as other aspect of this natural surroundings.

A2-Mountain activity: Photographs that reveal sportive mountain activities such as alpinism, climbing up, snowboarding, canyoning, white waters, caving or other activity associated with mountaineering.

B1-Mammals: Mammals, at any phase of their life.

B2-Birds: Birds, at any phase of their life.

B3-Other animals: Animals, at any phase of their life, not consisted of in B1 and B2 classifications, such as amphibians, reptiles, and so on

Images from B1, B2 and B3 classifications need to reveal the animal habits through pictures, environment or action scenes.

B4-PlantLife: Plant types in their initial environment, consisting of fungi.

B5-Landscape: Non- damaged nature landscapes, exclu ¬ denting the ones from A1 classification.

C1-Underwater world: Underwater is taken images (freshwaters or salted waters) of plants and animals and environment.

C2-Macro: Images taken with the strategy of close-up photography, revealing small nature components or small information.

D-Ecological report: Images revealing any aspect or activity triggered by people (or their effects) that impacts or interferes adversely over any natural location (wild animals and plants, land, water, air, environment or the natural surroundings).

Images should prove and unquestionably the reported activity or aspect as the primary topic. Originality will be really specifically valued, also the message and the work setting out reflection components that assist to get up ecological awareness.

The author needs to describe the report. In order to do so, it is suggested to confine documental info that enhances it. The jury will have access to this info throughout the choice stages.

E-Art in nature: Creative structures or abstractions based upon the natural surroundings.


· Girona’s area Will be qualified the images provided in all basic classifications of the contest taken in Girona’s area.

· SpecialAward Lloret de Mar Will be qualified the images provided in all basic classifications of the contest taken in the town of Lloret de Mar.

To take part in the Special Awards you need to pick the choice “Girona and/or Lloret de Mar” in the minute of the engraving.

TheCompetition is open to amateur or expert nature professional photographers worldwide. Members of MonPhoto’s Organisation, factors and sponsors of the contest, and members of the Jury (nor the households of all these) are omitted from involvement.

Each author can take part with an optimum of 25 pictures, which can be dispersed throughout the various contest classifications

· The primary step is to sign up on the site:
· Once signed up, the platform offers the choice to formalize the engraving to the contest.
· Uploading the pictures will be permitted when the payment of the entry cost is done.
· The submitted images can be customized at any time till the engraving due date. Inscriptions will be immediately closed at 23: 59 hours on April 30, 2018.

The image format should be a JPEG, transformed to the color area sRGB with the profile ingrained. The file size should be of 1920 pixels in its longer side.

The company will ask for the raw file of ALL the pictures that reach the last of the contest on June 11,2018 From this date individuals will have 8 days to submit the initial raw files. In case your images go to the last stage of the contest and you predict you will not be online those days, please get in touch with the company.

Whenever hassle-free, the raw file can be asked for at any stage of the contest. Not providing it will expect the disqualification of that image.

Images not matching the needed format requirements will be turned down In case the size of the image is larger than permitted, it will be immediately decreased to the specified size. The company will not be accountable for the outcome.

Photographs chosen for printing will need to go beyond 8MP (megapixels). All individuals have to have the initial raw files, besides copies in JPEG or TIFF format for printing, if the company requests them.

No adjustment or digital change of the photos is allowed. Only modifications that effect to the following terms will be accepted:

· A Global corrections of tonal worths, white balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, and moderate change of shadows and highlights.
· B The conversion of the image from color to black and white.
· C Moderate honing and selective decrease of digital sound.
· D Do away with vignetting, cleaning up dust and scratches and remedying optical distortion and aberrations.
· E Cropping is confessed if the last size of the image is still more than 8MP, without interpolation.
· F Photographs made up of several images (HDR, scenic photos, and focus-stacking), which should have been taken in the very same series, are confessed. The modifying treatment should be shown in the engraving of the image. In no case images whose function is deceiving the audience or revealing nature incorrectly will be confessed.


    • Domestic and stock, in addition to cultivated plants, are not confessed. It is obligatory to show if the animal is captive, if it has actually been trained or if any actions have actually been utilized to cause an unique habits in the minute of taking the photo.
    • Photographs should have been taken throughout the last 4 years (after 01 January 2014)
    • Presenting the very same photo, or a comparable one, in more than one classification is not permitted.
    • MontPhoto grants the creativity of the works, so images granted in other international contest (outright winner or classification winners) can not be granted in this one. Finalists, respectable points out and comparable will be accepted.
    • Photographs can not have frames, edges, watermarks nor captions.Every image should consist of a caption with the following info:
  • Description of the image with the habits observed.
  • The specific location and nation.
  • Indicate any scenarios associated and pertinent to the location where the photo has actually been taken (nature reserve, national forest, searching reserve, and so on).
  • Technical info (i.e. electronic camera, lens, direct exposure– aperture and speed-, ISO worth, any specific devices, and so on).
  • Any post-production shown in point 7 of the technical requirements showed in today guidelines.The ethical code of MontPhoto about taking photo ¬ charts is based in the AEFONA’s rules and the ‘Precautions notebook and the good photographic practice in nature’ from the SCFN. To checked out these works and use their viewpoint is suggested to the individuals.

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