34 ° Cycle of PhD Scholarships for International Students at University of Udine in Italy, 2018-2019


TheUniversity of Udine is welcoming applications for Admission to the 34 ° cycle of PhD courses for the scholastic year 2018-2019 A number of scholarships are offered to students of all citizenships.

TheUniversity of Udine wased established in 1978 as part of the restoration strategy of Friuli after the earthquake in1976 Its goal was to offer the Friulian neighborhood with an independent centre for advanced training in cultural and clinical research studies.

In order to be qualified understanding of English is needed.


  • ApplicationsDeadline: July20, 2018
  • CourseLevel: Scholarships are offered to pursue PhD program.
  • StudySubject: Research job (Use the job kind associated to your PhD course)
  • Food and human health
  • Agricultural sciences and biotechnology
  • Computer science, mathematics and physics
  • Industrial and details engineering
  • Environmental and energy engineering sciences
  • Managerial and actuarial sciences
  • Legal sciences
  • Language and literature research studies
  • Art history, Film research studies, Media research studies and Music
    • ScholarshipAward:
  • Scholarships are generic or connected to particular programs.
  • Scholarships are granted in accordance with art.12 The scholarship starts on November 1, 2018.
  • Scholarships last one year and are restored yearly for an optimal duration equivalent to the period of the course (3 years) if the PhD trainee has actually finished the program of the organized activities, as validated by the Teaching Board.
  • The yearly gross quantity of the scholarship is defined in Tables 1-10 and goes through the social security tax (INPS a gestione separata). The scholarship is paid on regular monthly basis in the following month. The quantity of the scholarship is increased for research study activities abroad by an optimum of 50% for an overall duration defined in Tables 1-10, unless extra funds are offered. In any case, the boost is due just for durations of constant stay and not less than sixty days.
  • Thescholarship can not be designated to those who have actually currently gotten a scholarship to go to another PhD course or a comparable course.
  • Thescholarship can not be integrated with research study grants or other scholarships granted for any function, other than those granted by nationwide or foreign organizations helpful to incorporate with the stay abroad the research study activity of the PhD students.
  • Scholarships moneyed by “external institutions” and associated area are granted upon the effective conclusion of the conditions set out in the act that controls its financing.
    • Nationality: Scholarship is offered to students of all citizenships.
    • Numberof Scholarships: Numberof scholarships are offered.
    • Scholarship can be taken in Italy

    Eligibilityfor the Scholarship:

    EligibleCountries: Scholarship is offered to students of all citizenships.

    EntranceRequirements: Applicants should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Applicantsof any citizenship might use for involvement to the competitors if they have one of the following credentials at the expiration date of the call: a) “Laurea Specialistica” or “Laurea Magistrale” or “Laurea Vecchio ordinamento1 ” or 2nd level scholastic degree equivalent to them; b) foreign degree, released by a foreign authorities organization, equivalent in period and level2 to the credentials described in letter a), and in the foreign system permits the admission to PhD courses. Tables 1-10 define for each PhD course the type of degree needed for involvement to the competitors and any extra requirements.
  • Applicants can get involved if they get their credentials described the paragraph 1 no behind October 31,2018 Applicants who do not get the title by October 31, 2018, will be left out. If candidates (with the title not yet acquired) seem winners, they will be confessed and registered with reserve and needs to accredit their graduation in accordance with the treatment suggested in art. 5 paragraph 5 no behind November 2, 2018.
  • All candidates are confessed to the competitors on the condition that they fulfill the requirements of the notification. The University reserves the right to perform sample checks3 and might omit candidates at whenever from the choice procedure if they cannot fulfill the requirements as set out in today short article after the PhD courses have actually currently started.
  • EnglishLanguage Requirements: Knowledgeof English is needed.


    How to Apply: Documents to be sent:

    • Curriculum vitae
    • Requestfor impairment AIDS
    • Request assistance for DSA condition
    • Requestfor the oral test through Skype conference
    • The declaration with a choice of 3 research study programs (just for Agricultural Science and Biotechnology)
    • Self- accreditation


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