PhD Scholarships in Management, Finance and Accounting at University Carlo Cattaneo in Italy 2017-2018 Scholarship Positions 2017 2018

University Carlo Cattaneo is enticing Italian and non-Italian pupils to apply for three year PhD Scholarships. These scholarships are accessible in Management, Finance and Accounting for 2017-2018 academic year.

The purpose of the scholarship would be to prepare students mainly research-oriented professions in academia, but additionally for multinational companies, public and private organizations, financial institutions, to ensure they are able to interpret company happenings in an integrated manner.

The receiving of the title “Doctor of Research in Management, Finance and Accounting” certifies the certainly recognized skill to:
a) study the company happenings and marketplace dynamics with methodological tools, cutting edge and versatile, in sequence to better comprehend their sophistication;
b) make utilization of robust analytic instruments, instead or collectively in the economical-fiscal, managerial, and engineering management areas in order to have research results which are academically demanding and professionally useful;
c) identify advanced research issues and develop initial outcomes of interest to the scientific and professional communities.

Course Level: Scholarships are offered for pursuing PhD Program at Università Carlo Cattaneo-LIUC

Study Subject:
The Programme, describes the next macro-sectors: Manufacturing engineering, Plant engineering and Management, Business management, and, in more detail Industrial Plant Engineering, Economic-Management Engineering, Business Economics, Corporate Organisation, Economics of Financial Intermediaries

Scholarship Award: There present number of the scholarship is € 13,638.47 annual, before social security and health insurance contributions, to be covered by the receiver. Extra financial assistance will likely be supplied for the research actions abroad.

Scholarship might be chosen at Italy and abroad

Eligibility: Applications are received from candidates who hold a Laurea Magistrale or same foreign academic degree (Master of Arts, Master of Sciences), or who expects to attain this type of qualification by 31 October 2017 in the following areas: economics, management, finance, industrial engineering, public administrations. Applications from candidates holding degrees in regions other than those listed above, but whose education and expertise present familiarity with the subjects of the Program will probably be contemplated and evaluated by the Admission Panel.
Candidates holding degrees given by non-EU academic institutions that haven’t yet been declared equal to the comparable Italian degree must submit, as portion of their applications, a written request to get a proclamation of the equivalence only with the aim of entrance to the PhD Program and must supply the crucial instruction manual for the Panel in order to measure the equivalence.
-Candidates are chosen on the foundation in their official qualifications and in accordance together with the next three standards:
a) fundamental knowledge and expertise on the Program’s areas;
b) aptitude for scientific research;
c) knowledge of English.

Nationality: Italian and non-Italian pupils are entitled to the scholarship.

College Admission Requirement [Course Admission Requirement]
Entrance Requirement:
Entrance Requirement: Any man who holds a Master’s degree or equivalent foreign qualification in the following places: Economics, Management, Finance, Industrial engineering and Public Administration can implement. The entire score of the candidate is determined as follows:
a) up to your maximum of 15 points;
b) up to your maximum of 30 points;
c) doesn’t bring about the points, however a favorable evaluation is a required condition for entrance.
Candidates are deemed appropriate for entrance to the Program if they attain a score of at least 30/45 points, with component a) and b) of at least 9 and 16 points, respectively. Offers of financial support are created after the sequence of the status.

Supporting Material:
To apply for entrance, the student should:
– connect to the LIUC website;
– register by going into the necessary general, private advice and contact details, vowing to convey any change;
– fill in the application by going into the necessary info;
-degree obtained (or anticipated ), using an indicator of level or score (the average of the assessments already chosen in the occurrence of expectancy), date and the University of accomplishment;
– attach by uploading onto the website these files
-copy (both sides), signed, of a valid individual identity record
-copy (both sides) of the private tax code ( in case that it’s accessible)
-curriculum vitae, in Italian or English
-two reference letters, in Italian or English
-international test score (GMAT, GRE, or a different equivalent globally Established test), with evidence of the score, if performed
-worldwide accepted language certifications, with evidence of the score, if reached
-list of its publications of academic/scientific relevance, if appropriate, and/or any other titles, qualifications or Info valuable to evaluate the candidate’s aptitude for research
-self certification of accomplishment of degree with evidence of the score of examinations, credits and associated scientific areas ( in case that it’s accessible);
-download and fill in the application form, self-certificating all of the regulations composed in the call for applications;
-sign and send back by electronic communication the Application (without attachments) to the accredited email address:, prior to the deadline of 30 May 2017 at 17:00 local time.
-All records should be presented in Italian or English.

Test Requirement [SAT, GRE, GMAT]:
English Language Requirement [TOEFL/IELTS]:
Fluent amount of English is needed. It can also be evaluated throughout the oral exam. The oral exam will undoubtedly be held at the University or remotely through the internet (Skype).

How to Apply: Eligible applicants should complete an on-line scholarship program.

Application Deadline: The deadline for application is May 30, 2017.

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