UNESCO Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest for Photojournalists, 2018

TheAndrei Stenin International Photo Contest is a yearly contest for young photojournalists aged in between 18 and 33 years of ages. It is Russia’s just platform for finding brand-new photojournalists and for permitting them to make a name for themselves on the world photojournalism phase. In 2017, around 5000 entries by young photojournalists from 76 nations were sent to the contest. The winning entries were shown all over the world. In 2016 the exhibits were run in Moscow, Istanbul, Cape Town, Cairo, Berlin, Shanghai, Rome, and so on


TheAndrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest is open to individuals aged 18 to 33 It intends to promote young professional photographers and support them in their aim for expert excellence.

The2018 contest will display 5 classifications for which young professional photographers can contend for awards:

1. Top News Important occasions in the life of people and countries as a whole are the primary topic of entries in the classification: significant political and gatherings; reports from battle zone and locations struck by natural catastrophes; definitive minutes in individuals’s lives.
2. Sports This classification includes entries, which recorded minutes in sport: triumphes of professional athletes and remarkable losses; everyday sports training; the charm of sports competitors.
3. My Planet This classification includes entries showing the whole multicoloured scheme of subjects and images from all over the world. The author’s job is to reveal a daily life kaleidoscope in its classic charm and consistency, unifying scenes from daily life; the life of huge cities and towns; nature photos; ethnographic and spiritual vacations.
4.Portrait A Hero of Our Time This classification includes entries such as specific or group pictures of individuals. Photos can be documentary and postured. The figuring out consider this classification is the author’s capability to expose the inner world of his characters, reveal their psychological qualities and character through the individuality of their look and looks as a whole.


  • TheGrand Prize winner will get RUB 700,000(7 hundred thousand). *
  • The top place winner in each classification for a person Photo Image or a Series of Photo Images will get RUB 100,000(one hundred thousand). *
  • The 2nd location winner in each classification for a person Photo Image or a Series of Photo Images will get RUB 75,000(seventy- 5 thousand). *
  • The 3rd location winner in each classification for a person Photo Image or a Series of Photo Images will get RUB 50,000(fifty thousand). *
  • ContestSponsors and/or Partners might likewise use extra rewards.

Purpose of theContest

To establish and enhance expert photojournalism in Russia and all over the world.

Contest individuals.

  • TheContest is open to Russian and foreign nationals who are expert photographers. The age limitations for Contest Participants: a minimum of 18 and no greater than 33 years of ages at the time of the Contestant’s submission of Photo Image( s) to the Contest.
  • TheContestant might send say goodbye to 3 Photo Image (Series of Images) in each classification.
  • Entryfor the competitors is totally free of charge.

Entry submission:.

Entries can be sent by December 22, 2017, 0: 01 am (GMT +3).
The last day for entry will be February 28, 2018, 11: 59 pm (GMT +3).

TheContestant need to complete the necessary types published on the Website (hereinafter
described as the “Forms”), suggesting the following:
1. Email address.
2. Name.
3. Family name and presumed name (if relevant).
4. Date of birth.
5. Place of birth.
6. Biography.
7. Contact phone number.
8. Country of house.
9. An area of house (forRussia just).
10 City of house.
11 Postal address.
12 Place of work (principal activity)
13 Name of company.
14 Address of company.
15 Website of the company.
16 Where you learnt more about our contest


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