World Bank Group SDGs &HerCompetition for Women Entrepreneurs in USA, 2018

In2015, all 193 United Nations member nations signed on to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to “create the future we want in 2030.”

SDGs &Her is an online competition for women entrepreneurs to display how they are supporting the SustainableDevelopment Goals( SDGs) through their service operations. The goals of the effort are to:

  • acknowledge women executing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), consisting of women entrepreneur of microenterprises;-LRB- *********).
  • boost understanding about the SDGs and their prospective influence on women amongst non-traditional audiences; and
  • team up with economic sector partners on all SDGs, however SDG5 in specific; to share finest practices and ingenious concepts.

Eligibility: The competition is open to women who own and/or lead microenterprises (1-9 staff members; under USD $10,000 loan eligibility OR yearly sales under $100,000).

ToEnter: Applicants finish a brief online design template, explaining their work and connecting their initiative/product to 1 or more SDGs.

Judging: Entries will be evaluated by a university partner then evaluated by a professional panel. Judges will figure out the winners based upon the effect on the SDGs, vision and function, and clearness of the entries.

Prizes: The leading winners will be acknowledged in September, 2018 at an occasion on the margins of the 2018 UN General Assembly High-LevelWeek in New York.

The stories of the winning women business owner (and lots of other significant entries) will be shared through partners’ social networks and sites.

Deadline: June30, 2018.


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